Creating a sturdy and durable driveway with tile requires careful consideration. The intense pressure exerted by vehicles demands a strong foundation. Our driveway is built on a bed of compacted crushed rock, supporting a reinforced concrete slab that is 6 inches thick. To allow for some movement without damaging the tiles, a flexible membrane is applied to the concrete. We then use a high-quality thin-set adhesive to firmly bond the tiles to the surface. The pattern we have chosen for this driveway incorporates both 18×18″ and 18×36″ tiles, creating a beautiful blend of colors.

For the walkways, we employ the aggregate set method, which allows for excellent water drainage beneath the tiles. In the backyard, the elegant dark wooden plank walkways beautifully complement the concrete border and the tiled patio. The addition of an outdoor kitchen and a neighboring vegetable garden creates the perfect outdoor dining space for those who appreciate dining al fresco.